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New Press!

Check out this lovely interview conducted by Robbie Armstrong about my views on dramaturgy, how my Sagittarius-ness factors into my work, and what it was like to be part of the Queen’s English team!



Current/Recent Projects

Dramaturgy for Así Que Pasen Cinco Años

by Federico Garcia Lorca 

Fight Choreography for Cabaret (1998),

dir. Kent Gash

Fight Choreography for Bad Hombres Good Wives,

dir. Francine Torres

Dramaturgy for Modern Chalk Circle

Dramaturgy for Loneliness by Greg Nanni

Performing for.......... to be announced SOON! 



Have you watched 

Queen's English?


It's a hilarious and heartfelt web-series about LGBTQ+ 20-somethings.... trying their best! Episodes are bite-sized (7ish minutes) and all of Season 1 is now available. We've already had 10s of thousands of views on some episodes so come join the community!



If you've been hoping to work with me,

FYI that my dance card is full through July 2020!

I'm working on quite a few exciting projects and of course.... striving and thriving through my second year of grad school at

Columbia University

School of the Arts!